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220 million smartphones, 80 million tablets, 84% of U.S households have computers, and just about every business runs on some form of technology. Things break. We work to fix them and help prevent and train for future stability.

Doesn't Start

The computer just stopped. Or it doesn't start. Or it tries to start and then reboots. It could be heat, corrupt hard drive, or general hardware failure like a power supply. For a mobile device it could be your battery. We can help get you running again.

Data Lost

Not all data can be recovered, but we will let you know your options and recover what we can. Sometimes it's a trade off with he value of the data. In the end, our recovery has been more successful than most, and we will work with you on stabilizing your data and building a solid backup plan.

Malware & Viruses

An email, a link, a mouseover; something completely unintentional can lead to a machine that doesn't work as it should. It could compromise your data or your privacy. We can help.

Lost Connectivity

Internal and external networking are a way of life. Data is exchanged all the time wirelessly or wired. When it doesn't, business slows or stops, productivity decreases, and often frustration sets in. We will work with you to get your networking communicating again... or even set up initially. We will look at what your goals are for the exchange of data and make sure that sharing of information is secure.

Offline screen
Distress office worker

Lost Productivity

Many things can decrease the your productivity. Sometimes it's as simple as a slow computer. If your computer is making you wait even an extra minute day to boot, to save, or any combination of common activities, you are losing over 30 hours of productivity a year. Nothing is instantaneous, but we will work to get your computer functioning as quickly as possible while not compromising security. We will make practical recommendations and work with you to set up a maintenance plan to keep systems running optimally.


It depends on the damage. If the data on the memory stick has a corrupt file system, chances are good we can recover most if not all of the data. If the memory stick is physically damaged (ie. snapping off the connector) the chances of repair are slim. We can inspect the device and present options. Ultimately, we will always recommend to NEVER use a flash drive as the single storage device for critical data. They are easily lost and damaged. ALWAYS have a backup.
Likely. We have replaced many device screens after they were dropped or otherwise damaged. The nice thing is, we actually FIX your device rather than giving you a new one like Apple. Thus, you won't lose your data or have your privacy compromised.
This all comes down to a good backup and disaster recovery plans. Machines caught in a flood may be fine if they weren't on at the time. Theft can only be mitigated by alternate copies of your critical data. Daily backups are essential in such situation so your costs of recovery don't put you out of business or, on a personal note, cause you to lose irreplaceble data like pictures of your child's first steps.
We are competitive with our pricing and don't replace things that don't need replacing like some vendors. Our first choice is to fix a machine rather than just replacing parts or reinstalling the whole system. Sometimes, parts fail and need replacing or the best course is to start from scratch. We will assess the situation and give you options. Many of our services are flat rate so you pay for the result, not how long it took us to achieve it.
We are located in Torrington Connecticut. For computer maintenance and most tech support, it doesn't matter. We can help with your computers and systems wherever you are located as long as you have an internet connection. For more serious failures, we need to work on the machine in person. It can either be sent or if you are reasonably local we can visit you. We also build new machines for clients and ship them.
Good planning, honest advice, and diligent maintenance will always be a profitable technology investment. Choose us as your solution provider because of experience accumulated since 1996 and 20 certifications in various areas of technology and business. Choose us as your partner because we care about you and your technology and have the skill to deliver consistently strong solutions, processes, and recommendations.
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